Sterling Silver Quaichs

We offer a comprehensive range of sterling silver quaichs in a wide variety of sizes and designs. The quaichs in this range are finely crafted and are of the highest quality. Accordingly, our sterling silver quaichs bear the hallmark of the Edinburgh Assay Office and the Quaichshop sponsor’s mark.

Sterling Silver is the standard for the majority of high quality silver goods produced today. Sterling silver dates back to the 12th Century. Pure silver is too soft for use on its own and this high quality silver alloy containing 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals gives the strength to the silver that allows the silversmith to produce the most complex but durable objects

These quaichs are used to mark a truly special occasion. Prime examples are their use as an integral part of a wedding ceremony, to mark the birth of a child, or to celebrate a special anniversary. To add to their attractiveness, these sterling silver quaichs are beautifully presented in a silk lined box.