Engagement Quaichs

Nothing says ‘Congratulations on your engagement’ as well as one of our personalised engagement quaichs! A quaich is a gift to illustrate the recognition of the couple’s love and commitment. Mark this most memorable event in a way that celebrates the happy news in a unique way.

We offer a very wide range of quaichs which are suitable as engagement gifts, the majority of which can be personalised by engraving on the inside of the bowl, the outside, or both.

As we all know, an engagement is the period of time between a marriage proposal and the marriage itself (which is typically but not always commenced with a wedding). Crossword fans will know that another word for engaged is betrothed. Both words mean a mutual promise to marry. Each individual then refers to the other as their fiancé (from the French).
The origins of European engagement to be married are apparently to be found in the Jewish law (Torah), where marriage consists of two separate acts – the betrothal ceremony, and the actual marriage ceremony.
This practice was later adopted in Ancient Greece. The giving of a ring was eventually enshrined in Roman marriage law The fiancé presented the ring after swearing the oath of intent to marry, and the presentation of the gifts at the couple’s engagement party.

Each time we celebrate an engagement, we are reflecting an ancient tradition which has passed dpwn through the ages. Each of our engagement quaichs is supplied in a presentation box, and is accompanied by a card telling the story of the quaich.