Sports Trophy

The presentation of a quaich as a sports trophy or award is a fantastic way to celebrate and recognise a winning achievement. We have a wide range of styles and sizes. You will be able to find the appropriate model for your event’s trophy. We offer the addition of a personalised text engraving service, and the opportunity to upload your own logo or club crest to be engraved.

Our smaller quaichs are excellent for Player of the Season and similar celebrations.  There are also plinths available for a large number of our quaichs – the plinth can also be engraved.

Members of curling and golf clubs in Scotland will be very familiar with the presentation of a quaich or quaichs for various tournament prizes.  These quaichs become valued historical objects as they pass down through the generations at a particular club.  Some trophy quaichs are also presented at national and international level events.