Mini quaichs

The seven models in our range of pewter mini quaichs are basically very similar, miniature versions of our toasting quaichs.  Each of our mini quaichs bears a combination of celtic designs, images and text.

For example, our Claddach quaich is a romantic and popular design.  A celtic knotwork band surrounds the Claddach symbol, on the base of the quaich bowl.

The Claddagh is actually one of Ireland’s most recognized and precious images. It consists of two hands embracing a heart, which is adorned with a crown.  The Claddach symbolises the purity of a cherished human relationship – friendship (cairdeas), love (grá) and loyalty (dílseacht).  Dating back to 1883, this symbol has had an enduring attractiveness.

These quaichs are purely decorative, and they serve as a small memento of an important and memorable occasion.  They are too shallow to comfortably contain even a small volume of liquid, so they cannot really perform the function of a toasting quaich!