Quaichs with a thistle design

We have a range of pewter quaichs which incorporate the thistle in their design.  These quaichs with a thistle design come in six different models.  Each model features either handles cast in a thistle design, an engraved thistle within the bowl of the quaich, or both.

Models which already have a thistle engraved within the bowl are suitable for additional text engraving only on the outside of the bowl.

Our range of quaichs with a thistle design reflects the fact that the prickly purple thistle has been Scotland’s national emblem for centuries.  This  regal looking plant is commonplace throughout the Scottish mainland and islands, with some examples growing to an impressive height of five feet.

Many of us as children have experienced the sharp and unwelcome shock of our skin coming into contact with the thistle’s spines.  These spines are the thistle’s evolutionary defence mechanism against predators – and they are very effective!