Pewter Quaichs

We offer a wide range of pewter quaichs in a selection of styles and sizes. For example, our quaich handles are available in a variety of celtic designs. Some are embedded with beautiful gemstones. In addition, we have a pewter quaich with a copper rim. Many of our quaichs are made using a combination with brass and copper. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive range of toasting quaichs. The verse of Robert Burns, and celtic designs, feature on some models.

The makers hand craft each pewter quaich to the highest standard and you will find a comprehensive range of sizes and styles suitable for a wide range of occasions. We use the traditional Scottish drinking vessel frequently as a wedding quaich. This features the happy couple toasting each other during the ceremony itself. You can also give quaichs as an excellent memento of the big occasion to bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests.

Family and friends frequently give Scotland’s loving cup as a cherished christening gift. Sports clubs and businesses present larger models as sports trophies and for other awards ceremonies. If you are looking for birthday, Christmas and Valentines Day presents, pewter quaichs are also very popular choices. The gift of a quaich really is appropriate for any personal or business occasion which requires an attractive offering!

You can personalise each quaich by including engraved text, usually within the quaich bowl, sometimes on the outside. Your gift is then one which stands the test of time. The quaich takes its place as one of the owner’s most prized possessions.

Man has used pewter since the Bronze Age and ancient civilisations used it widely, with extensive use in medieval Europe. Pewter is the 4th most precious metal, consisting mainly of tin (92%).